Cinderella: A Modern Shoe Tale…by Metro shoes

Cinderella is a tale which every girl grew up listening to or at least watching it. Every girl was made to believe that at one point some prince charming would find her because she left behind her shoe, but nobody really thought about what Cinderella really asked for! She just wanted a nice dress and let’s not forget her amazing pair of glass shoes!

Today, every girl wants to rock her life with the perfect pair of footwear. The modern Cinderella does not wait for her prince charming to come find her with the missing shoe in hand, she’d rather find another pair and own them. She is unapologetic and knows what she wants. So we decided we would help the modern Cinderella find her pair!

Here are some pairs of shoes from Metro shoes’ latest collection for a modern Cinderella aka the woman of today, who wants to own the world and does not believe in waiting for someone to come rescue her.

Beautiful Ballerinas
These are perfect for a girl who wants to own her work (or her work place)! Make a statement with these formal yet cute ballerinas. Wear it with your formal attire and you’re good to go.

Pointy Pumps
This pair would help a chic diva get her work done. This one has a subtle colour but the heel speaks volumes from a distance. This pair is for the unapologetic souls who wish to live their life on their own terms. The glossy finish of these pointy pumps will surely make heads turn around.

Stunning Stilettos
These stunning glittering golden stilettos are a perfect buy for a night out with your girlies. It’s glittery and shining golden embellishment makes this pair stand out. Go pair it up with your LBD and own your outfit and strike a confident stance wherever you go.

Bold Blocks
If being bold is your style then this pair is the perfect buy for you. It’s bold, black and has everything you need to leave a lasting impression wherever you leave your footprints. This pair is going to help you get things your way. Once you put these on, you’ll want to treat this entire world as your runway. The rear zipper gives you a proper and comfortable fit, just the way you like it!

Fancy flats
Who says you can’t own the world in ethnic wear? This pair of tan flats with the twist of gladiators and intricate ethnic yet subtle design is a perfect buy for you. These shoes are chic and can glam up the entire outfit in a flicker of seconds.

At Metro Shoes there is a pair for every mood; be it glamorous or be it trendy!


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