Vijay Menon Starrer Malayalam Short Film ‘ANTAGONIST’ Thrills Viewers

June 2, 2018, Kochi: Muzik247 has released the new Malayalam short film titled ‘ANTAGONIST’ on YouTube which has impressed viewers for its remarkable presentation and thriller feel. This psycho-thriller revolves around a case investigation of an intransigent private detective played by Vijay Menon. Sadhika Venugopal, Anoop Neelakandan and Sreeja Das are also part of the cast. With its cinema-style making, the movie gives the experience of watching a full-fledged feature film. It is written and directed by Abhilash R Nair.

The cinematography is handled by Gikku Jacob Peter where as the colouring and editing is done by Achu Vijayan. The background score is set by Sejo John. Anoop Neelakandan and Henna Mariam Eapen have produced the short film. Muzik247 is the online release partner.

To watch ‘ANTAGONIST’ short film: watch?v=bdtVLqwx_xM

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